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How is anxiety taking over your life? What is your anxiety keeping you from doing?

When you have anxiety, you may not be able to turn off your brain. Your mind is filled with worries, negative thoughts that don’t stop, often leaving you stuck in worst-case-scenario fears.  Anxiety also shows up in our bodies, often at the worst times. When you most hope to stay calm, it shows up like a weight on your chest, knots in your stomach, or restless energy radiating through your body. Sometimes it seems the only option is to avoid stress-inducing situations, and that can mean missing out on stuff that matters. Little by little anxiety can take over your life.

At Wellness Collaborative, we will help you learn to cope with panic, obsessive thinking, or constant worry.  Our goal is to get you doing the things that are most important to you even while you work on your anxiety.   We’ll help you find the space you need to live your life in a way that matters to you… starting today.