Embrace what’s hard to do what matters. 

We help people who are struggling or feel stuck, figure out what’s getting in the way of having the life they want to have. We help them discover what that life looks like and how to build that life. 



Who would like to cut back or stop substance use.

Whose lives have been narrowed by anxiety or depression.

With acute or chronic medical conditions who would like to have a full life.



Ages 16 and older who are affected by substance use, anxiety/depression, or medical conditions.

Needing motivation.

Struggling with weight.

Coping with divorce of parents.


Wanting to feel closer in their relationship.

Wanting to strengthen or heal a relationship during a difficult time.

Working together to help a partner or child heal from medical crises or injury.

Navigating intergenerational or diversity challenges​.

Recovering from an affair.



Helping a loved one who is struggling with behaviors such as substance use.

Coping with the illness of a parent or child.

Coordinating parenting responsibilities during and after divorce.

Reducing child behavior problems.