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 “I feel like I should be in a different place in my life, and I’m here and I don’t like where I am.”

It’s tough to find the path toward change when you’re feeling stuck. Central to our approach is motivation, and using the structure and tools we’re able to provide to get you where you want to be, and past the barriers that keep us from effective, life-enhancing, long-lasting change. We know that our work often requires a little flexibility, mutual respect, and we’re committed to evidence-based practice.


Working together, we’ll uncover new way to engage in behaviors that promote emotional and physical health, build secure and supportive intimate partnerships, and do what matters to you.


Doctor of Psychology

I’m Dr. Kelli Wright and I have worked as a clinical psychologist in my own private practice since 2003.  My doctoral training in both the research and practice of psychology was completed at the University of Houston, Loma Linda Veterans Administration Medical Center in California, and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  I see people facing a variety of challenges, but substance use issues, anxiety, and depression are my areas of specialization.  My approach to therapy stems from acceptance and mindfulness strategies which generally means I help people to identify who and what is most important to them and then to move in a positive way in those directions, despite the unpleasant internal distress that often seems to keep us stuck.  I also have specialized training in the harm reduction approach for people struggling with the use of substances, including Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Moderation Management, and The Sinclair Method for excessive drinking.

On a personal note, I live in Houston with my husband and two spoiled rotten dogs, Abbey and Stanley.  As a native Californian, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and walking on the beach.  On most weekends, I can be seen at spin class, listening to live music, or trying out the latest Houston eatery.


Doctor of Psychology

I’m Dr. Laura Spiller and I have been a licensed psychologist since 2001.  My doctoral training in clinical psychology at the University of Houston included a specialization in pediatric and general health psychology. For over 10 years, I was a professor who trained clinical psychology graduate students and conducted research on relationships. I moved back to Houston in 2015 and returned to full time private practice.  

I work with individuals and couples coping with unexpected disappointments or challenges, particularly health problems and life transitions. Working with me, clients explore what matters most to them and choices for who and how they want to be. I provide the tools to identify and overcome the barriers to doing those things that matter. I am especially passionate about helping couples who feel out of touch with one another to re-connect, so they can use their relationship and each other to cope more successfully with challenges.

I believe it’s important for therapists to consult with other professionals and continually hone their skills. I am an active member of the Houston Community for Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Houston Psychological Association.  You’ll find me reading professional books and attending or providing training workshops throughout the year.

On the personal side, I was widowed when my husband of 20 years lost his battle with cancer.  Loving him and bearing witness as he said goodbye to all the people and things he loved was the hardest thing I have done. That experience has helped me to be fully present with others, especially when it is painful. My appreciation of the life I have motivates me to practice engaging fully in whatever I am doing. Connection with my kids, my partner, my parents, my friends, and my clients is what matters most to me.


Clinical Dietitian

I am Madelyn Wilson, but everyone calls me Maddy. I am a registered and licensed dietitian, trained in a variety of areas including both pediatrics and adults. I received my undergraduate degree in dietetics at Texas Christian University and then my graduate degree in clinical nutrition at Tufts University in Boston. I am certified in childhood and adolescent weight management. I specialize in weight management, pediatric/adolescent nutrition as well as disease prevention, including medical nutrition therapy. I am an active member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Group and the Houston Pediatric Nutrition Group.

On a more personal note, I moved to Houston in 2016 and worked at Texas Children’s hospital as a clinical program coordinator and dietitian for 2 years. I have been active most of my life starting as a gymnast and then switching to competitive cheerleading. In college I continued to cheer for all 4 years. While in Boston getting my masters, I cheered for the New England Patriots for two seasons. While I loved my time cheering, I have finally retired my poms-poms and now teach spin classes here in the heights area. Nutrition and exercise is not just a job for me, it is a lifestyle. I work with clients on finding ways to make small changes turn into habits, which turn into big changes. My goal is not to put you on a diet, but rather on a healthy lifestyle.