Sleep Well, Be Well

An overtired brain and body contribute to a startling range of problems, including anxious and depressed mood, poor concentration, increased appetite, and risk for disease. When you don’t sleep well it’s tough to do what matters to you in the manner you expect. At Wellness Collaborative, we believe good sleep is core to having the life you want. We provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, often called CBT-I, a highly effective method for treating insomnia without the use of sleeping pills. CBT-I modifies sleep habits and scheduling factors, as well as misconceptions about sleep and insomnia, that get in the way of effective sleep. Contact us to learn more about sleep and insomnia treatment.  Check out our classes page for information on the next Insomnia Treatment Group.

Eat for Well-Being

Improve your health, and your well-being, through healthy food choices.  Eating a highly processed diet puts you at risk for developing psychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety. A healthy brain and body are best fueled by a nutritious diet. Making the shift to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, high in healthy fats, nuts, and fish, and low in processed food, can boost your mood and reinforce other positive changes in your life.

Wellness Collaborative offers individual and group consultation to help you learn how to make better food choices and prepare food yourself.  Our nutritionist have experiencing consulting with individuals of all ages, including specialization in pediatric nutrition. We all know that we should eat better, we’ll help you make that happen. Visit our classes page for information on upcoming events.

For more information or to get started use the contact form or email our nutritionist.


Initial Assessment & Goal Setting – Receive an hour of individualized counseling, education and goal setting to fit your lifestyle. $175

Optional Add-on: Meal planning and grocery list – Receive a meal plan for 4 weeks. (It is recommended to come in at 2 weeks for weight check and reassessment as every person has individualized needs). $200

Dietitian Follow-Up Appointments – 30 minutes of individualized counseling and education. $80

Grocery Store Tour – Go with an expert while you stock your fridge, learn how to read food labels and stay away from foods that may seem healthy, but really aren’t! (hour) $175/indiv

Breathe and Be Present

Wellness collaborative offers a range of tools for managing stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. Mindfulness techniques can help you let go of worry about the future and perfectionism and release ourselves from confining mental loops that get us stuck in the past or worst-case scenario worries. Breathe and body awareness gives us an anchor to keep from getting swept away in stressful moments. Training in mindfulness at Wellness Collaborative will give you simple, effective, individually tailored strategies for balance that you can easily integrated in to daily life.

Check out our classes page for upcoming trainings or email Mary Kathryn for more information or to get started with individualized instruction.