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Welcome to the Wellness Collaborative. Together, we’ll take a 360-degree view of your life in order to get perspective, clarify what matters to you, and identify what’s getting in the way of living the life you want.

We work with individuals and couples struggling with issues such as substance use, anxiety, relationships, as well as those feeling overwhelmed and out-of-balance. We use the best methods in the world to help you to change habits, find balance, and live with intention.





Do you feel lost? Owning that feeling is one of the first steps for creating positive change.  We help you find your bearings & become familiar with your goals.

Get clarity on where you are versus where you want to be and recognize that the past doesn’t have to dictate your future. We realize this is easier said than done – that’s why we’re here to help.

We’ll help you learn techniques to allow troublesome thoughts or feelings to come and go while living a life that matters.

Over time these positive lifestyle changes will become second nature and give a foundation to the life that you deserve.  Open the door to a new range of possibilities.

Rejoice that you’ve created positive change in your life. Continue to build on healthy habits. Form stronger relationships with those you care about.

There is joy in knowing that you are on the right path to grow as a person each and every day. Scheduling an appointment could very well be the best decision you ever make.


We are a collaborative of specialists coming from different backgrounds. We’ve unified with one goal in mind: “How can we help you?”

Our goal is to help you consider all elements of your life in order to gain clarity and see potential in the future. The more you understand your own person, the more empowered you will be to change your life for the better. As you decide what is important for you, we’ll be there with the tools to guide you every step of the way.

We believe that there is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to helping individuals along their self-improvement journey. You don’t have to change anything about yourself or change your current behavior. Book an appointment, we’ll get to know you, and help you decide what’s best for your life. Our team of experts provides a range of different practices and perspectives to each of our clients in the Houston area.

Our practice is insightful, humane and pragmatic.


We provide a way of liberation from drugs and alcohol that stands out. For many people, traditional abstinence-based approaches haven’t produced the results they need. Others may not be at a point where they can (or want) to stop cold turkey. We take a non-authoritarian approach and don’t demand that you stop your substance use before beginning treatment. We don’t label people as alcoholics or addicts or even use such terms at our practice. We see our clients as people – period. Our leading doctor on addiction and substance use is Dr. Kelli Wright, who is a psychologist and expert in Integrative Harm Reduction style therapies such as The Sinclair Method and Moderation Management.

While we believe that abstinence-based programs do help many people, statistics clearly show that Integrative Harm Reduction Therapy has remarkably higher long-term and short-term success rates. When you come in for a session, we will learn about your habits and educate you about the highly effective treatments we offer. We don’t ask that you stop using drugs or alcohol before coming into and starting therapy. We work with you to form realistic goals and give you the support you need to achieve them.

Since every individual is unique, we look to create personalized solutions that form new habits and give you control back over your life. Everyone’s case is different so we investigate and come up with a plan. We’ll work to figure out the cause(s) for your addiction and see if we can’t reduce your usage of drugs and/or alcohol by a reasonable amount. We aren’t Alcoholics Anonymous – we form our methodology around the idea that stopping all at once is incredibly difficult (or even dangerous) for many users. Check out this Q&A with Dr. Andrew Tatarsky who shares our views on Harm Reduction Therapy.

The largest criticism of Harm Reduction Therapy, in general, is that it “doesn’t treat the core issue”. Our take on this is that treating any core problems is essential – that’s why we actually make it a priority. For many individuals (especially those with past trauma) the underlying issues can actually be more destructive than the substance use itself. In these cases, it makes much more sense to address the underlying causes before addressing the substance habits. For certain people, substance use might be the last thing holding their world together. In such instances, it would be reckless to demand they stop right away, as the consequences could be a disaster.

Due to our approach, Wellness Collaborative’s approach is Integrative Harm Reduction (not just ‘Harm Reduction’). The ‘Integrative’ part of that is actually dealing with any underlying issues. The ‘Harm Reduction’ half handles the habits that formed as a result. This means you get a strategy that encapsulates the entire problem – rather than one half or the other.

This holistic approach empowers you to make decisions that lead to your optimal relationship to substance use. This may mean abstinence, reduced, safer or more controlled use. We believe this personalized, compassionate approach is the future of substance use/addiction treatment.

Check out our addiction treatment page to learn more.


It’s hard to not be caught within the chaos inside a family that’s going through hardships. At Wellness Collaborative, we know that the first step to healing is often asking for help. We offer perspective and expert guidance in our therapy sessions. Whether it’s emotional support for a whole family or healing the connection with your significant other.

We don’t judge individuals for their relationship issues. The truth is relationships are complicated – sometimes a simple misunderstanding can snowball into emotional turmoil. Other times there are truly deep-rooted issues that may end up taking years of work. That’s why an integral part of therapy with us is having a healthy dialogue and understanding each other’s emotions and thoughts.

Even if you are experiencing more sensitive or delicate problems, we’re open-minded individuals who do this for a living. Our non-judgment policy will be in full effect here. Dr. Spiller is our leading psychologist for relationship, health, and transition therapy.

Click here if you’re interested in more learning about our approach to relationship therapy.

It’s not easy showing up to therapy with your loved one. We do everything we can to make you feel safe and welcomed. It’s our honor to make you feel supported through your struggles. Reach out today.


Proper nutrition, sleep, and time invested into self-care is a critical foundation for anyone who truly desires a healthy life. There is an undeniable connection between mental health and the way we treat ourselves. Proper sleep, diet, and anxiety management methods are pillars of being the best you possible. We even have a whole blog post about how therapy can help insomnia!

At Wellness Collaborative you can find everything from restorative yoga sessions to full-on meal plans for you and your whole family. Schedule a session with us today for access to our exclusive team of experts who are the best resource for everything that fuels your happiness as an individual.

Check out our Mindfulness Consultant, Mary Kathryn Lemaster, who is an expert at a variety of self-care strategies such as restorative yoga and meditation.

Click on her name to learn more about our exceptional dietitian Shana Tatum, who brings a wealth of nutrition knowledge to the table.

When we’re lethargic, stressed, or bloated due to our less than ideal daily choices, we are not very likely to be energized, clear-headed, and happy. Contact the experts who fit well with the challenges you are facing today.


Ever-present anxiety can and will interfere with your life. A constant sense of uneasiness can make it impossible to pay attention and get things done. Your thoughts may bounce around relentlessly, keeping you up at night.

You might find yourself restless and sleepy at the same time. Or you may feel a stress that follows you everywhere. You might even experience stomach cramps or headaches. Anxiety at its worst is nothing short of crippling. If you have the symptoms and are hesitating about getting treatment, don’t. Anxiety is a normal problem to have and an investment in therapy is an investment into yourself.

When you come in for a session, we will help you develop habits and strategies to manage your anxiety and worrisome thought processes. Be surrounded by a nurturing environment as we work along side you to reduce your symptoms and resolve underlying issues.

Click here to learn more.


We focus on the life you want – we see you as you, not your anxiety, substance use, or relationship problem.

Our practice is based on psychological science that’s been proven to be effective. With years of training and experience with evidence-based treatments, we train other therapists and stay current with the science of behavior change.

Treatment should meet you where you’re at. The process of change is different for every individual.
We each have a unique combination of values and goals, and consequently, the process for moving towards those values will always be different for each of us.

Although we have years of practice helping people build lives around what matters to them, we view ourselves and our clients as experiencing the same universal struggles – without judgment.

You decide what matters to you, and we provide the structure and tools to assist on the path to creating a life around what matters.