Mindful Kitchen ~ Learn What it Means to be a Mindful Eater

Mindful Eating Workshop Are you curious about what it means to be a mindful eater? This workshop is designed to explore the principles of mindfulness so you can reconnect to food in a nourishing way. Led by Yoga and Meditation teacher Mary Kathryn LeMaster RYT, and Nutritionist Shana Tatum, RD. LD. This class [...]

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Mindfulness Classes

Learn mindfulness in a small, intimate class setting in the Houston Heights A series of 4 weekly classes, includes weekly text follow-up to help you integrate the practice in to your life, audio recap to use after class, discount on individual coaching. This series will introduce participants to using present moment awareness to [...]

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Sleep Well, Be Well ~ Insomnia Treatment Group

Group treatment for Insomnia Can't fall asleep? Find it difficult to stay asleep? Frustrated by early morning wakening? Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) is an effective, brief program for chronic sleep problems. In fact, it is now the first line treatment for insomnia.  Unlike sleep medications, CBT-i gets at the underlying problems [...]

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Couples Restorative Weekend Workshops 

2-day Couples Restorative Weekend Workshop in Houston, Texas Come together with your partner to repair, enhance, and learn to continually grow in your relationship. February 9-10, 2019 At Wellness Collaborative of Houston LEARN HOW TO Communicate in a way that pulls your partner closer Build trust by reducing conflict and distance Rekindle passion and intimacy by shaping your relationship into a [...]

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