Mindful Kitchen ~ Learn What it Means to be a Mindful Eater

Mindful Eating Workshop Are you curious about what it means to be a mindful eater? This workshop is designed to explore the principles of mindfulness so you can reconnect to food in a nourishing way. Led by Yoga and Meditation teacher Mary Kathryn LeMaster RYT, and Nutritionist Shana Tatum, RD. LD. This class [...]

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Mindfulness Classes

Learn mindfulness in a small, intimate class setting in the Houston Heights A series of 4 weekly classes, includes weekly text follow-up to help you integrate the practice in to your life, audio recap to use after class, discount on individual coaching. This series will introduce participants to using present moment awareness to [...]

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Sleep Well, Be Well ~ Insomnia Treatment Group

Group treatment for Insomnia Can't fall asleep? Find it difficult to stay asleep? Frustrated by early morning wakening? Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) is an effective, brief program for chronic sleep problems. In fact, it is now the first line treatment for insomnia.  Unlike sleep medications, CBT-i gets at the underlying problems [...]

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Couples Restorative Weekend Workshops 

2-day Couples Restorative Weekend Workshop in Houston, Texas Come together with your partner to repair, enhance, and learn to continually grow in your relationship. February 9-10, 2019 At Wellness Collaborative of Houston LEARN HOW TO Communicate in a way that pulls your partner closer Build trust by reducing conflict and distance Rekindle passion and intimacy by shaping your relationship into a [...]

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Mindful Mondays Introductory Series

Series of 75 minute classes to introduce participants to using present moment awareness to unhook from and make room for unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Learn breath and body awareness techniques that are easily used in your daily life. These skills will help you: Get centered when emotions or thoughts are swirling in your [...]

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